CEO's report A turbulent but also positive year

My first year as CEO of Dannemora Mineral has been a financially turbulent year, while the business has been characterized by significant improvments regarding the operations. However, the recovery rates are too low for a long-term sustainable level of profitability. In 2013, we have implemented a number of measures in parallell with working for a long-term financing solution that would enable the investments required.

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Ralf Norden CEO

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  • 2,662 kt crude ore
  • 936 kt finished products
  • 37% recovery

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  • 475.7 MSEK net sales
  • -155.0 mkrEBITDA
  • -212.6 mkrcash flow

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In 2013 the pace of Dannemora Mineral's operations went up a notch. The entire business was reviewed in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.