Vision, Business Concept, Goals and Strategies


Addtech shall be the leading value adding tech provider.

Business concept

Addtech offers high-tech products and solutions to industrial companies and the public sector. Addtech creates both technological and economic value added by being a skilled and professional partner in its cooperation with customers and manufacturers.

Financial goals

Addtech's overriding goal is to achieve growth combined with profitability. The Group's objective is earnings growth of at least 15 percent per year over the course of a business cycle.

The profitability target for each subsidiary is a minimum of 45 percent, measured using the relationship between operating profit (P) and working capital (WC), expressed as return on working capital (P/WC). This P/WC ratio encourages high operating profit and low levels of tied-up capital. When combined with the growth target of 15 percent, this creates the possibility of positive cash flow and conditions for profitable growth.

Operating goals

The Addtech Group is to be the leader in value-adding technology trading and be perceived by our customers, suppliers and employees as the most competent and long-term partner.


Profitable growth is achieved through continuous business and organisational development. Addtech has three core strategies for reaching its goals:

Market-leading positions

Addtech sets out to be the market leader and to build positions in selected and clearly defined niches with a high knowledge and technology content and where customers demand carefully selected products, solutions and subsystems - often in small and medium-sized volumes. The market-leading position is a significant factor for achieving stable growth and sustainable profitability.

Operating mobility

Addtech is to be noted for its flexible organisational structure with quick-thinking, innovative employees who recognise new business opportunities. Addtech is to capitalise on the growth potential of each of its subsidiaries and product areas by dividing or merging operations, either in whole or in part. Operating mobility also involves having effective processes for integrating new operations into the Group.


Addtech is to work at all times to strengthen its operations through small bolt-on acquisitions as well as build and expand positions in chosen niches. Business operations are also to be acquired in new niches where the Group has the possibility of becoming the market leader. The ability to apply the Group's business model is a common success factor in all acquisitions.