Commitment, confidence and hard work elevate competence and profit

BEVI, an electric motor manufacturer in Blomstermåla in the southern part of Sweden, became part of Addtech in summer 2010. BEVI and its subsidiaries in the Nordics, Baltics and China constitute the Power Drives business unit, which in turn is part of the Industrial Solutions business area. BEVI has more than 90 employees and a wide range of electric motors, products and solutions for mechanical transmissions, electronic speed control and components.

BEVI is also a profitable part of Addtech, and during the past financial year - the first after the company's integration into Addtech - profit rose substantially and reached an all-time high.  

"BEVI has had historically good profitability and a strong brand and is known for quality," says Håkan Franzén, business area manager, Industrial Solutions. "When the company was put up for sale, we saw an excellent opportunity to grow in the motor segment."

The direct action taken after the acquisition was to integrate BEVI into the Group's reporting routines. When the new ownership commenced, two Addtech representatives joined the board of directors to continue the integration work by implementing Addtech's vision, corporate philosophy and practical work tools. BEVI sent employees to the Group's business school, and Addtech supported a project in which a review of the entire business process took place, from purchasing to delivery, to optimise inventories and capital tie-up.

"It initially involved a great deal of work, but Addtech understands how small enterprises operate and the mood is optimistic in the Group," says Rolf Persson, president of BEVI and manager of the Power Drives business unit. "I have seen considerable commitment and I feel that I have the confidence of Addtech to carry on working with and developing BEVI. With Addtech to support us we can also dare to be more expansive. For our employees, belonging to Addtech provides a sense of security, enabling us to focus on our operations - and the business school is the best training programme we have seen. All in all, it boosts the whole company, and I wouldn't hesitate to become part of Addtech if I was asked again," he continues.

"We have not done anything revolutionary, but we have raised the already high level of expertise throughout the business," explains Håkan Franzén. "I think that BEVI is a good example of how Addtech, thanks to its collective strength, can add resources that propel development and profitability. The year's healthy profit is naturally thanks to several factors: a general improvement in the business climate for BEVI's products and services, good sales work, and also to a substantial degree because BEVI has worked hard with Addtech's key ratios and indicators for better profitability."

The acquisition of BEVI also brought new opportunities for cooperation crossing company boundaries. The company's Shanghai office has become one of Addtech's central points in China, creating both a sense of affinity and the exchange of experience. Addtech's internal business network in Sweden produced immediate exchanges, in that the Group's knowledge of battery technology was teamed with BEVI's knowledge of electric motors. This has created new, interesting product ideas and business openings with key customers - especially in the vehicle industry - who are impressed by the expertise in and rapid action taken by the companies belonging to Addtech.