Addtech drives shareholder value


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Shareholder value in three steps

Addtech's earnings and shareholder value are created in three cooperating and mutually-dependent steps.

1. The value-adding base. More than 100 subsidiaries lay the foundation for Addtech's earnings and shareholder value. Their operations and business model are based on the need for a link between customer and manufacturer that helps the customer choose a supplier and technology from an increasingly complex supplier market. Sales of products and solutions build on close relationships with customers, manufacturers and suppliers, combined with high levels of technological know-how and business skills.

2. Active ownership and industrial development. Addtech works actively to increase the profitability of its subsidiaries, but the role of owner is exercised with care. Addtech seeks to combine the advantageous flexibility, personal touch and efficiency of a small enterprise with the resources, networks and industrial competence of a large corporation. Addtech believes that long-term growth and profitability are optimised by taking a small-scale approach on a large scale.

3. Acquisitions for growth and development. Acquisitions of new subsidiaries are necessary to create long-term profit growth and value for shareholders. New companies increase the value-adding base. They add sales volume, agency companies, customers, competence and - at least equally important - motivated leaders and entrepreneurs. New companies also bring opportunities for efficiency enhancements and development.