Market Drivers

Addtech operates in the international technology trading market, where players buy, adapt and sell technical products and solutions. The Group focuses on carefully selected niches with a high technology and knowledge content. Addtech is a key partner for industrial companies as well as for technology-intensive service companies in the private and public sectors in Northern Europe.

The Northern European market

Addtech's operational focus is on the Nordic countries, although markets outside the region have grown in importance in recent years. The operations beyond the Nordics are in the UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Japan, China and Taiwan. In addition to this, the Group exports to more than 20 other countries.

Driving forces

The long-term growth and profitability of the technology trading market depend on the size and diversity of the industrial and service sectors. Northern Europe's relatively high costs have spurred the development of knowledge-intensive, automated and specialised industrial and service sectors. This has also contributed to differentiation of the value chain, increased trade and greater reliance on external partners for product development and component modifications as well as for maintenance and other aftermarket services. Addtech cooperates with manufacturers who, via their in-house product development, supply market-leading, high-quality products with an advanced technological content. Cooperation with our companies is to be the most profitable way for suppliers to sell their products in the geographic markets where we operate.

Customers need a partner who helps them select the right supplier and technology from an increasingly complex supplier market. When we can provide a range of market-leading products, combined with our own technological and market knowledge alongside flexible customisation options, we also become an attractive partner for customers. Our range of products and services is aimed at both end users and OEM customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers, who integrate Addtech's products into their own products).

Growth and profitability

In the short term, growth and profitability are closely tied to the state of the economy in industry and the economic conditions prevailing in the Group's markets.

Addtech's focus on infrastructure, the public sector and narrow market niches reduces sensitivity to economic volatility. However, growth and profitability are highly dependent on the state of competition among our customers and their possibilities of performing well domestically and/or globally. As a result, it is crucial when selecting customers that resources are invested in niche markets offering long-term sustainability. Addtech therefore evaluates each of its markets on an ongoing basis to ensure that they offer the Group scope for reaching its financial targets.

Addtech is based in Nordic industry, but operates internationally

The subsidiaries find and represent market-leading manufacturers from all over the world. In addition, many of Addtech's products are incorporated into the end products of globally exporting customers. Addtech often continues to supply its parts to these customers when they relocate their manufacturing operations abroad.

Industrial production determines demand for Addtech's products

Close connections between Addtech's sales, excluding the Life Science business area, and the confidence index in industry.