Board of Directors

  • Anders Börjesson

    Anders Börjesson

    M.Sc. Econ.

    Born in 1948. Board Chairman since 2001. Other board assignments: Chairman of Cibenon and Lagercrantz Group. Vice Chairman of B&B TOOLS. Director of Boomerang, Bostad Direkt, Futuraskolan, Inomec and Ventilationsgrossisten Stockholms Byggplåt. Professional experience: President and CEO of Bergman & Beving. Ownership (family): 496,920 Class A shares and 40,350 Class B shares.

  • Eva Elmstedt

    Eva Elmstedt


    Born in 1960. Director since 2005. Vice President and Head of Product Related Services Ericsson. Other board assignments: Director of Proact. Professional experience: Senior management at Ericsson, Hi3G Access AB ‘3’, IBM and Semcon. Ownership: 2,300 Class B shares.

  • Tom Hedelius

    Tom Hedelius

    M.Sc. Econ., Hon. Dr. of Economics.

    Born in 1939. Vice Chairman since 2001. Other board assignments: Honorary Chairman of Svenska Handelsbanken. Chairman of Anders Sandrews Stiftelse, B&B TOOLS, Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Stiftelse. Vice Chairman of Lagercrantz Group. Professional experience: Chairman, CEO and managerial positions at Svenska Handelsbanken and Chairman at Industrivärden. Ownership (family): 481,920 Class A shares and 5,400 Class B shares.

  • Lars Spongberg

    Lars Spongberg

    M.Sc. Econ., LL M.

    Born in 1945. Director since 2001. Other board assignments: Director of, among others, BE Group, Cobolt, Elos, Intervalor, Bikuben and Valedo Capital Partners fund. Professional experience: Senior management at Spectra Physics, Autoliv, Svenska Handelsbanken, Electrolux and Swedish Match. Ownership: 1,500 Class B shares.

  • Johan Sjö

    Johan Sjö

    M.Sc. Econ.

    Born in 1967. President and CEO. Director since 2008. Employed in the Group since 2007. Professional experience: Senior management at B&B TOOLS, prior to that Alfred Berg ABN Amro. Ownership: 2,016 Class A shares and 18,800 Class B shares. Call options: 70,900.