Notes for P&L

All amounts in SEKm unless otherwise stated.

Note 20 Shareholders' equity


Other contributed capital

Refers to equity contributed by shareholders.

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Reserves 1) 2011/2012 2010/2011
Foreign currency translation reserve
Opening translation reserve -18.3 30.0
Translation effect for the year -0.7 -48.3
Closing translation reserve -19.0 -18.3
Hedging reserve 2)
Opening hedging reserve -1.2 -1.7
Revaluations recognised via other comprehensive income 1.5 -2.5
Recognised in profit or loss upon disposal (other operating income/expenses) -0.6 3.1
Taxes attributable to the year’s revaluations -0.4 0.7
Taxes attributable to disposals 0.2 -0.8
Closing hedging reserve -0.5 -1.2
Total reserves -19.5 -19.5
 1) Refers to reserves attributable to equity holders of the Parent Company.
 2) Relates to cash flow hedges, consisting of currency clauses in customer contacts

Foreign currency translation reserve

The translation reserve includes all exchange differences that arise in translating financial reports of foreign operations prepared in a currency other than the Group's presentation currency for financial reports. The Parent Company and Group present their financial reports in Swedish kronor (SEK).

Hedging reserve

The hedging reserve includes the effective portion of the accumulated net change in fair value for a cash-flow hedging instrument attributable to hedge transactions that have not yet occurred.

Retained earnings, including profit for the year

Retained earnings including profit for the year include earnings in the Parent Company and its subsidiaries. Prior provisions to the legal reserve are included in this equity item.

Repurchased shares

Repurchased shares includes the acquisition cost of own shares held in treasury by the Parent Company (known as treasury shares). At the end of the reporting period, the Group's holding of treasury shares was 986,800 (486,800).


After the reporting period, the Board of Directors proposed a dividend of SEK 8.00 per share. The dividend is subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting on 29 August 2012.

Parent Company

Restricted reserves

Restricted reserves are funds that cannot be paid out as dividends.

Statutory reserve

The purpose of the statutory reserve is to save a portion of net profit that will not be used to cover a loss carried forward.

Retained earnings

Retained earnings comprises the previous year's unrestricted equity, less any provision to the statutory reserve and less any dividend paid. Together with profit for the year and any fair value reserve, retained earnings constitute the sum of unrestricted equity, that is, the amount available to be paid as dividends to shareholders.

Number of shares

The number of shares at 31 March 2012 consisted of 1,090,848 Class A shares, entitling the holders to 10 votes per share, and 21,641,984 Class B shares, entitling the holders to one vote per share. The quotient value of the share is SEK 2.25. The Company has repurchased 986,800 Class B shares, 500,000 of which during the 2011/2012 financial year, in the framework of the Company's ongoing repurchase programme. After subtracting repurchased shares, the number of Class B shares is 20,655,184 net.

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Number of shares outstanding Class A shares Class B shares All share classes
At start of year 1,094,406 21,151,626 22,246,032
Repurchase of treasury shares -500,000 -500,000
Conversion of Class A shares to Class B shares -3,558 3,558
At year-end 1,090,848 20,655,184 21,746,032