Principles for remuneration to senior management

The Board intends to propose that the Annual General Meeting in August 2012 approves the same guidelines as in the preceding year: The guidelines are to relate to remuneration of the CEO and other members of Addtech Group management ('Group management').

Addtech seeks to offer a reasonable and competitive total remuneration package capable of attracting and retaining skilled individuals. The size of the overall package varies in relation to the performance of the employee and the Group and may comprise the different elements stated below.

A fixed salary forms the foundation of the total remuneration. The salary should be competitive and reflect the responsibilities of the position. Fixed salaries are reviewed annually.

Variable pay can be based on factors such as the Group's earnings growth, profitability and cash flow. Annual variable remuneration can be at most 40 percent of the fixed salary.

The Board of Directors will evaluate on an annual basis whether or not a long-term incentive programme shall be proposed to the Annual General Meeting and, if such is the case, whether or not the proposed long-term incentive programme shall include a transfer of shares in the Company.

Retirement pension and sickness and healthcare benefits should be structured in accordance with applicable rules and market norms. The pensions should be based on defined contribution plans where possible.

Other benefits may be provided to individual or all members of Group management and are structured to reflect market norms. These benefits may not account for a material portion of an individual's total remuneration package.

A notice period of six months applies to termination of own employment by members of Group management. They are entitled to a maximum notice period of 12 months if the Company terminates their employment contracts. Members of Group management whose contracts are terminated by the Company are entitled to severance pay of up to 12 months' salary, in addition to salary and other employment benefits during the notice period. No severance pay is payable if the employee initiates termination.

The Board of Directors is entitled to waive the above guidelines for remuneration in individual cases and if there are special reasons for doing so. In the event of any such deviation, information about this and the reasons for the deviation shall be reported at the next Annual General Meeting.

The remuneration committee appointed by the Board prepares and submits proposals for the remuneration of the CEO to the Board, which decides on the matter. The remuneration committee sets the remuneration of other members of Group management based on a proposal from the CEO. The Board is informed of the remuneration committee's decisions.

See Note 6 Employees and employee benefits expense for more details.