Business areas

Addtech's business is organised into four business areas; Components, Energy, Industrial Solutions and Life Science. The Group is proactive in making the most effective use of the organisation so that the companies in these business areas cooperate to varying degrees with their sister companies.


Addtech Components

Addtech Components markets and sells components and sub-systems in mechanics, electromechanics, hydraulics and electronics as well as automation solutions to customers in the manufacturing industry. Examples of products: linear units, ball screws, electric motors, switches, sensors and transducers. The hydraulics section, which also includes pneumatics, vacuums and compressed air products, sells components and solutions such as valves, pumps, installations and filters. The automation section provides industrial communication solutions as well as sensor and vision products.

Addtech Energy

Addtech Energy markets and sells battery solutions, power distribution and transmission products, and products in electrical safety, electrical installation and connection technology. Its customers mainly operate in the energy and telecom sectors and in the electrical installation market through prescribing channels and electricity wholesalers. Examples of products: stationary batteries for UPS systems, batteries for electric vehicles and defibrillators, pylons, sectionalisers for the medium voltage distribution network, transformers, cable cabinets, carbon brushes, fuses and measuring transducers. In addition to trading, this area's companies also manufacture niche products under their own brands.

Addtech Industrial Solutions

Addtech Industrial Solutions markets and sells products made of polymeric materials, electric motors and transmissions, customer-specific products in electromechanics as well as machine components, equipment and consumables for the manufacturing industry. Products under own brands are marketed and sold to local and global industrial customers. Examples of products: gaskets, seals, moulded components, vibration dampers, chains, roller bearings and components for electrical motor solutions such as electric motors and electronic speed control, as well as equipment and materials in blasting, tumbling and industrial washing. Other products include joysticks, pedals, turntables and ergonomic armrests for equipment such as forest machinery and forklift trucks.

Addtech Life Science

Addtech Life Science markets and sells instruments, consumable supplies and services to laboratories in healthcare and research, diagnostic equipment for the healthcare sector, and process and analysis equipment to industry. Examples of products: blood-gas equipment for the healthcare sector, chromatography instruments for research and chemical analysis equipment for the process industry, consultation, training, support and servicing. More information about the earnings and financial position of Addtech's business areas can be found in the Administration Report.