Proposed Allocation of Earnings

Proposed allocation of earnings

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The following amounts are available for distribution by the Annual General Meeting of Addtech AB:  
Retained earnings 746 SEKm
Profit for the year 157 SEKm
903 SEKm
The Board of Directors and the CEO propose that the funds available for distribution be allocated as follows:
A dividend paid to shareholders of SEK 3.00 per share 1) 199 SEKm
To be carried forward 704 SEKm
903 SEKm
 1) Based on the number of shares outstanding at 31 May 2014. The total dividend payout may change if the number of treasury shares repurchased changes prior to the proposed dividend record date of 1 September 2014.

The Board of Directors deems the proposed dividend justifiable in the context of the demands on Group equity made by the Group's operations, size and risks, and in the context of the Group's need for a strong balance sheet, liquidity and overall financial position.

At the end of the reporting period, equity in the Parent Company included SEK -1 million (1) resulting from financial assets and liabilities being measured at fair value in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (Chapter 4,  Section 14a).

Assurance of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer deem the consolidated financial statements and annual accounts to be prepared in accordance with IFRS, as adopted by the EU, and with generally accepted accounting principles, and that they provide a true and fair overview of the financial position and results of operations of the Group and the Parent Company. The administration report for the Group and the Parent Company gives a true and fair overview of the Group's and the Parent Company's operating activities, financial position and results of operations and describes significant risks and uncertainties to which the Parent Company and the companies that comprise the Group are exposed. The other aspects of the results of operations and financial position of the Group and the Parent Company are shown in the income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and notes to the financial statements.

Stockholm, 23 june 2014

 Anders Börjesson   
Chairman of the Board     

Tom Hedelius
Vice Chairman of the Board

Eva Elmstedt

  Ulf Mattsson

Lars Spongberg

Johan Sjö
Board member and CEO

  We submitted our auditor's report on 24 June 2014


  George Pettersson
Authorised Public Accountant
Auditor in charge


Jonas Eriksson
Authorised Public Accountant