Addtech Life Science

Addtech Life Science's net sales were SEK 1,393 million (1,141), a 22 percent increase. Operating profit rose by 16 percent to SEK 125 million (108).

The business area enjoyed good growth in earnings over the financial year, despite a relative weaker result in the fourth quarter. Overall, demand for this business area continued to grow during the final quarter. Demand for diagnostic equipment and reagents for the Nordic healthcare sector was good throughout the financial year. Conditions improved during the year for measuring and analysis instruments for the Nordic process industry, particularly in the marine segment. Demand for equipment and reagents for healthcare and research laboratories over the year was stable.

During the year this business area made one acquisition, Vimex AS.

Addtech Life Science
2013/2014 2012/2013
Net sales, SEKm 1,393 1,141
Operating profit, SEKm 125 108
Operating margin, % 9.0 9.5
Working capital year average, SEKm 201 147
Return on working capital (P/WC), % 62 74
Average number of employees 436 347