Addtech Energy

Addtech Energy's net sales totalled SEK 1,975 million (1,576), an increase of 25 percent. Operating profit rose by 31 percent to SEK 200 million (152). 

Overall, the business area saw good demand during the year, starting and ending on a solid note, but with a weaker period during the third quarter. Demand was good throughout the year for electric power distribution and transmission products. Following a very high pace of supply in the transmission segment, our customers have announced they will be investing at a slightly lower level, which could impact this business area in the short term. Business conditions for battery solutions on the Nordic market have improved over the year. The electrical installation products market, which was weak for part of the financial year, showed signs of greater willingness to invest in the final quarter of the year.

During the year this business area made one acquisition, Rutab AB.

Addtech Energy
2013/2014 2012/2013
Net sales, SEKm 1,975 1,576
Operating profit, SEKm 200 152
Operating margin, % 10.1 9.7
Working capital year average, SEKm 331 274
Return on working capital (P/WC), % 61 56
Average number of employees 659 477