Development in the business areas

Addtech Components

Addtech Components markets and sells components and subsystems in mechanics, electromechanics, hydraulics and electronics as well as automation solutions to customers in manufacturing.
Addtech Components' net sales amounted to SEK 399 million (399). Operating profit amounted to SEK 28 million (32). All in all for the business area, demand for production components from Nordic manufacturing companies was relatively stable during the period, but the variations between different customer segments remain. In comparison with the strong first quarter of the previous year, the underlying demand was slightly lower. Our operations in Norway and Finland developed well, while the business climate remained weaker for our Danish and Swedish operations.

Addtech Energy

Addtech Energy markets and sells battery solutions, electric power distribution products and products for electrical safety, electrical installations and connection technology. Its customers are in the energy and telecom sectors and the commercial vehicle industry.

Addtech Energys' net sales amounted to SEK 496 million (361), which is a 37 percent increase. Operating profit amounted to SEK 52 million (41). Demand for the business area's products was good during the period overall, and in the quarter the business area reported its highest ever sales and profit. The market for battery solutions was relatively stable. Demand decreased for electrical installation products during the quarter, while the business situation for products in electricity distribution remained sound.

Addtech Industrial Solutions

Addtech Industrial Solutions markets and sells machinery components, polymer products, electric motors and transmissions, customised products in electromechanics and equipment and consumables for customers in manufacturing. Products under own brands are marketed and sold to industrial customers locally and globally.

Addtech Industrial Solutions' net sales decreased 6 percent to SEK 280 million (298). Operating profit amounted to SEK 22 million (22). During the first quarter demand from the business area's Nordic customers decreased, but operations outside the Nordics developed well. Industrial aftermarket customers and customers for products in polymer materials have reduced their demand. The rate of production in the special vehicle industry remained low, while the business situation for the business area's electric motor solutions improved.

Addtech Life Science

Addtech Life Science markets and sells instruments, consumable supplies and services to laboratories in healthcare and research, diagnostic equipment for the healthcare sector and process and analysis equipment for industry.
Net sales for Addtech Life Science amounted to SEK 327 million (279), which is a 17 percent increase. Operating profit reached SEK 33 million (32). For the business area as a whole, demand grew during the period. The market situation for diagnostic equipment and reagents from the Nordic healthcare sector stayed positive. Business conditions were stable for equipment and consumables for Nordic healthcare laboratories and research laboratories. Demand for measuring and analysis instruments for the Nordic process industry was positive, despite a cautious market climate in certain customer segments.