Sustainability Report 2012/2013

Purpose and objective of the report

The purpose of this sustainability report is to describe the Addtech Group's objectives, strategies and governance, as well as accountability, risks and opportunities from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective. Its purpose is also to show the Group's results from an economic, environmental and social perspective. The objective of the sustainability report is to provide customers, employees and shareholders with understanding and knowledge of Addtech's CSR work. 

We add value

Addtech has been working according to the same business concept since 1906 - representing international suppliers on the Nordic market. The business concept has proven successful for over a hundred years, which is testimony to the fact that, despite the industrial trend and varying state of the economy, a link is needed between manufacturers and users, as long as it adds value.

The value is created in our subsidiaries, which feature an endeavour to be the market leader in well-defined niches. Our sales people are business professionals with technical expertise who work closely with our customers and suppliers to cater to various customer requirements. The product range spans standard components to bespoke holistic solutions, all of which have a high expertise and technology content.

Addtech adds value by being an active owner of independent subsidiaries. We constantly grow through acquisitions and are proud today of being a group with around 130 active subsidiaries. Because our subsidiaries have a high degree of freedom and are themselves responsible for their operations, while forming part of a greater group at the same time, we combine the financial strength, experience and extensive network of a large, listed corporation with the personal commitment and business acumen of the subsidiaries. With our size and strength naturally comes great responsibility with respect to our owners, employees, society and the environment. Our ambition is for Addtech's operations to have a positive effect on our surroundings and to promote long-term sustainable development through economic and technological value creation.

Key events in 2012/2013

  • Addtech conducted its annual employee survey covering all employees. The aim of the survey is to identify areas in which the Group and subsidiaries currently perform well as an employer, and areas in which we can improve. This year's results were compared to those of the previous year and form an important indicator for Addtech's long-term and strategic staff development work in the Group. 
  • Addtech's CSR Council was established during the year. The Council includes representatives from Addtech's four business areas who, together with external experts, are to pursue CSR efforts in the Group and prepare proposals for guidelines and policies to govern sustainability work throughout the Group. In other words, it is to work to create value for our subsidiaries.
  • Work on Addtech's supplier survey commenced during the previous financial year. This year, we took the matter one step further and evaluated the survey method. The aim is to perform a structured evaluation of Addtech's suppliers with the aim of ensuring that they comply with decent standards with respect to their employees and the environment. Addtech wishes to actively encourage suppliers to integrate CSR work into their business models so that we are heading in the same direction together in terms of value creation. We hope to implement a thorough supplier survey which is both relevant to Addtech's objectives and to the industry as a whole.

About this sustainability report 

This is the Addtech Group's third sustainability report. The report complies with application level C of the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) and pertains to the 2012/2013 financial year, with comparative data from the 2011/2012 financial year. Unless otherwise indicated, the sustainability report encompasses the operations of the Group as a whole.

This sustainability report has not been reviewed by the Company's auditors. The Addtech Group's first sustainability report was published in 2011 and covered the 2010/2011 financial year.

About Addtech

Addtech is a technology trading group that provides technological and economic value added in the link between manufacturers and customers. Addtech operates in selected niches in the market for advanced technology products and solutions. Its customers primarily operate in the manufacturing industry and public sector.

Addtech has just over 2,000 employees in around 130 subsidiaries that operate under their own brands. The majority of Addtech's operations is concentrated to the Nordic countries. The Group also operates in 12 countries outside the Nordic region, and also exports to a further 20 or so countries. Group sales exceed SEK 5 billion and the Addtech share is listed on the NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm.

Our operating companies endeavour to be the market leader in their niches. The companies are bound together by Addtech's corporate culture where business acumen and technological expertise are key, and where the flexibility, personal approach and efficiency of  small companies is combined with the Group's extensive network, resources and financial strength. Addtech pursues long-term developmental work in the area of CSR, comprising all subsidiaries in the Group. CSR is about taking long-term responsibility for the sustainable development of employees, the environment and profitability. The aim is to strengthen the subsidiaries in this area, thus making them a better choice than competitors. This is an important part of the work to realise our vision of being the leader in value-creating technology trading at both subsidiary and Group level.