Scope and limitations of the report

The sustainability report pertains to the 2012/2013 financial year, with comparative data from the 2011/2012 financial year. Unless otherwise indicated, the report encompasses the operations of the Group as a whole.

The following sections provide an account of Addtech's CSR work from different stakeholder perspectives, with results for the Group being presented in the form of relevant indicators and key ratios. Unless otherwise indicated, the figures are aggregated values for 2012/2013 from the Group's companies, which number around 130. Eight acquisitions were carried out during the year, affecting the outcome for the environmental and occupational environment indicators reported, compared to the preceding year. Acquisitions are a key part of Addtech's growth strategy and are therefore expected to continue to have an impact on several areas of the sustainability report in the years ahead. The measured values presented have not been adjusted to compensate for the increased number of companies; they report the actual figures for the Group.

Addtech's corporate structure and operations, with around 130 companies, constitute in themselves a challenge in work on CSR because each company is responsible for collecting and reporting its own measurement data. The measurement data presented in this sustainability report is based as far as possible on actual measured values from the Group's companies, or from the Group's suppliers. In cases where the Group's companies or suppliers have been unable to obtain actual figures, reasonable estimates based on available calculation tools and models were used.

One of Addtech's goals for its CSR work is to continually improve the accuracy of the measurement data obtained from Group companies and suppliers.