Our stakeholders

Addtech has identified five important stakeholder groups for the Group: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the community. Addtech strives to maintain an open dialogue with the Group's stakeholders on how the operations are conducted, and to explain priorities, decisions and the results achieved. Addtech considers this to be fundamental to the Group's ability to focus on the right issues in its CSR work. To ensure optimal CSR work, Addtech welcomes contacts from stakeholders wishing to engage in dialogue about their views on the focus or results of this work.

Information on the major CSR issues is communicated to stakeholders mainly via the sustainability report. Dialogue with stakeholders is conducted partly at Group level, but also by Group companies to a substantial extent. Following dialogue with the Group's stakeholders, Group management, in consultation with the Board of Directors, decides on which CSR issues are of major importance to the Group and on Group-wide working methods and targets.

In 2010/2011, both an internal and external stakeholder analysis was conducted to ensure that Addtech is working and reporting on the areas of most importance to operations and stakeholders. The internal stakeholders represented Addtech's four business areas and the external stakeholders comprised key customers and major shareholders. The dialogue with stakeholders showed that they value Addtech's heightened engagement in CSR matters. Based on the stakeholder analysis, Addtech prepared a communication and action plan for how the Company is to establish the work more firmly in the Group, and produced information material about what the CSR work involves.  The latter is used both internally and externally.

The results of the stakeholder analysis showed that the matters with the highest priority were business ethics, occupational environment, energy consumption and earnings trend. During this financial year, Addtech continued to work on these areas.


The table "Economic value generated and distributed" illustrates how the value generated by the Group's operations has grown and been distributed to various stakeholder groups.  During the year, Addtech did not receive any substantial financial support from the public sector.

Economic value generated and distributed      
SEKm Stakeholder 2012/2013 2011/2012
Income Customers 5,403 5,200
Economic value generated 5,403 5,200
Manufacturing costs Suppliers 3,852 3,721
Salaries and other remuneration* Employees 1,114 1,008
Payments to providers of capital Lenders 33 30
Payments to providers of capital Shareholders 174 156
Payments to governments Public sector 122 126
Economic value distributed 5,295 5,041
Remaining in company 108 159

*Total salaries and other remuneration consists of salaries and pensions for employees, including amounts paid to the public sector (payroll taxes, social security contributions, etc.) on behalf of the employees.