Addtech's most important positive impact on society lies in our contribution to economic and social growth in the form of jobs and taxpayers, as well as the Group's own tax payments. Through our products, we also help, for example, to bring efficiency improvements and to cut energy consumption.

In line with the Addtech philosophy of decentralised responsibility, no Group-wide projects connected to social commitment are conducted. Instead, such projects take place in the various subsidiaries Examples of social commitment projects include:

  • Partnerships with schools and institutes of higher education to offer degree projects
  • Donations to charity organisations, children's villages etc.
  • Sponsorship for sports clubs and local initiatives
  • Support for the unemployed to help them find jobs or training/education

During the period, the Group was not ordered to pay any fines as a result of offences in the form of breaches of laws and regulations governing the provision or use of products and services.