Addtech's CSR Work

Addtech runs long-term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work that covers all subsidiaries in the Group. Addtech's overarching goal is to fulfil the requirements and expectations of customers, shareholders and employees regarding sustainable enterprise. CSR therefore means that Addtech takes long-term responsibility for the sustainable development of employees, the environment and profitability. Our CSR works strengthens us in this area, making us a better choice than our competitors.

In recent years, the Addtech Group has increased its ambitions in matters regarding working terms and conditions, the environment and ethics. We have had a Code of Conduct for several years that covers all subsidiaries, and each year a sustainability report is produced to present the results of our CSR work. Our reporting complies with the guidelines for Application Level C of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Addtech's corporate structure and operations, with about 130 companies, is a challenge when it comes to achieving rapid results in CSR work, and many units will introduce completely or partly new processes. At the same time, this work paves the way for creating greater value, for example through more attractive customer offerings, larger cost reductions and improved quality and HR work.

Sustainable development at Addtech

At Addtech we aim to continue to create value for our shareholders, employees, society and the environment. We summarise it into three categories - economic, social and environmental value creation.

  • Added economic value. Economic strength is a cornerstone for investing in sustainable development, and Addtech is dedicated to ensuring that we are both competitive and cost-efficient.    
  • Added social value. A fundamental factor in Addtech's sustainable development is taking account of all the people affected by our operations. This includes our customers, suppliers, employees, collaboration partners and the communities in which we operate. Addtech's Code of Conduct acts as a compass for each employee and our suppliers are encouraged to work in line with it. 
  • Added environmental value. More than half of the electricity used in the Group comes from renewable sources. Our goal is to constantly increase this proportion. The Group's companies are primarily involved in technology trading, so our operations have a limited direct environmental impact. The Group continuously works on improvement measures in the areas where we can make a difference.

Code of Conduct

Addtech's CSR strategy is based on the Group's Code of Conduct. The central concepts of CSR are the environment, ethics and morality and they have long been part of the Group's operations. The Code applies not only to all employees in our own operations but also to our relationship with our suppliers of products and services. Our ambition is that our subsidiaries will work with suppliers towards achieving positive change. The Addtech Group's Code of Conduct is based on the UN's Global Compact, ILO's Core Conventions, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Read more at

Sustainability report

The Addtech Group publishes a sustainability report that provides customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders with the opportunity to read about the development of our CSR work. The Group published its first sustainability report in 2011. The reports form the basis of the Group's further development in CSR. Reported topics include the Group's use of energy, climate impact, employee turnover and occupational health and safety.

Key events during the year

  • Addtech conducted its annual employee survey covering all employees. The aim of the survey is to identify areas in which the Group and subsidiaries currently perform well as an employer and areas in which we can improve. This year's results were compared to those of the previous year and form an important indicator for Addtech's long-term and strategic staff development work in the Group.  
  • Addtech's CSR Council was established during the year. The Council includes representatives from Addtech's four business areas who, together with external experts, are to pursue CSR efforts in the Group and prepare proposals for guidelines and policies to govern sustainability work throughout the Group. In other words, it is to work to create value for our subsidiaries. 
  • Work on Addtech's supplier survey commenced during the previous financial year. This year, we took the matter one step further and evaluated the survey method. The aim is to perform a structured evaluation of Addtech's suppliers with the aim of ensuring that they comply with decent standards with respect to their employees and the environment. Addtech wishes to actively encourage suppliers to integrate CSR work into their business models so that we are heading in the same direction together in terms of value creation. We hope to implement a thorough supplier survey which is both relevant to Addtech's objectives and to the industry as a whole. 

Read more in the sustainability report for 2012/2013 on