Future prospects and events after the reporting period

Future prospects

The hesitant and uneven business climate that prevailed throughout most of the financial year looks set to continue for a while longer on most of our markets. We therefore generally expect a more modest growth rate in the coming year too. The market remains fragmented, with variations between different geographic markets, customer segments and product niches. While there are some signs of an upturn in certain segments, others feature uncertainty. Many of our customers state that they expect the autumn to be better, but that this remains to be seen.

During the year, the Group has conducted activities to adjust the cost and working capital situation in some of its operations. The adaptations continue, and have affected around 100 employees so far. These measures will lead to a better adapted cost level which, combined with a strong financial position, gives solid future opportunities. The Group stands well-equipped ahead of the opportunities that may arise with respect to both organic growth and acquisitions. The Group's goal is earnings growth of at least 15 percent per year over a business cycle, combined with profitability.

Events after the reporting period

One company has been acquired after the reporting period:

On 2 April, 80 percent of the shares in the Rutab group were acquired, forming part of the Energy business area. Rutab is a supplier of electrotechnical materials and components for automation technology, focusing on cable glands, conduits, cable guards and machinery cable.  Rutab has around 40 employees and sales of about SEK 150 million.

Proposed allocation of earnings

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